Hydro Mobile F-300 Mast Climbing Platform

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Make Hydro Mobile
Model F-300 Mast Climbing Platform
Type Work Platforms

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The F-Series mast climbing platform is specifically designed for projects 100' in height and more. This mast climbing platform can accommodate the needs of a wide variety of types of work: windows, EIFS, stucco, painting, and even bricklaying. What's more, trades can work on separate platforms at different heights. It's ideal for either new constructions or restoration.

The F-Series mast climbing platform features three models that offer different levels of performance to accommodate unique project needs and budget considerations. It can be configured as a single or twin mast, offering the possibility of independent platforms at different levels, and the ability to conform to an extensive range of building shapes. And it has the highest speed/load capacity ratio on the market. All of which contribute to an estimated 30% increase in productivity, due to greater labor efficiency and reduced set-up time.

The F-Series features a patented travelling system, which makes it possible to have two independent platforms on one mast. Combined with ample 5' (1,5 m) work space (expandable to 7' (2,1 m)), this means that a given trade can work at two different heights on the same project.

• New patented vertical traveling system allows more stability and more platform capacity
• New, simple and reliable emergency lowering device activated by gravity
• Highest speed/capacity ratio on the market
• Three-dimensional, modular configuration
• Three different levels of performances (F-100, F-200, F-300)
• Perfect for multi-trade uses

Rack-and-pinion system
The rack-and-pinion system used to raise and lower the platform maximizes load-to-speed ratio. It is linked to a sophisticated sensor system that ensures a safe ascent/descent even if platforms are at different heights.

Two levels, one mast (F-300)
One of the signature characteristics of the F-Series is its ability to support two independent platforms at different levels. Combined with its ample 5' work space (expandable to 7'), this means that a given trade can work at two different heights on the same project.


  • Platform dimension (transport) - On pedestral base with extensions: W x L x H: 102" x 147" x 102" (259 cm x 373 cm x 259 cm)
  • Drive system (electric and hydraulic) : Rack and pinion drive
  • Drive unit - with bridge link : W x L X H: 93" x 122" x 102" (236 cm x 310 cm x 259 cm)
  • Drive unit - without bridge link : W x L x H: 62" x 122" x 102" (157 cm x 310 cm x 259 cm)
  • Free-standing single and twin mast (on mobile chassis base only) : 40' (12.2 m)
  • Mast section : 2 racks: 32" x 32" x 60" (81.3 cm x 81.3 cm x 152.4 cm) - 365 lb (166 kg) per section
  • Maximum height : Up to 500' (152,4 m) without prior authorization from Hydro Mobile
  • Maximum load capacity - single mast : 12,000 lb at 10' (5443 kg at 3 m) / 9000 lb at 50' (4082 kg at 15.2 m)
  • Maximum load capacity - twin mast : 15,500 lb at 115' (7031 kg at 35 m)
  • Min./max. platform length - single mast : 10' / 50' (3 m/15.2 m)
  • Min./max. platform length - twin mast : 35' / 115' (10.6 m / 35 m)
  • Platform weight : On pedestal base: 8400 lb (3810 kg)
  • Power system (optional electric model) : 2 x 20 HP electric motor 460-480 V 60 Hz/3 ph. 575 V 60 Hz/3 ph.
  • Power system (standard hydraulic model) : 2 x 20 HP gasoline engine
  • Safety device - Emergency descent : Gravity-activated manual descent system
  • Safety devise - Automatic emergency brake : Gravity-activated
  • Tie distance : Up to a maximum of 45' (13.7 m)
  • Vertical travel speed : Up to 38' (11.6 m) per minute (gasoline engine only)


  • High on Safety: 6" emergency stopping length with less than 1G (safety gear patent pending).
  • High-Tech: New patented independent vertical traveling system.
  • High Efficiency: 2 independent working levels on one mast (F-300).
  • High Speed: 2,000 lb load lifted at 38' per minute.





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